Jeff Marconette Jr., from trauma to triumph, you can Make Every Second Count!
Jeff Marconette Jr.

Jeff Marconette Jr., from trauma to triumph, you can Make Every Second Count!

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“The Award Winning International Make Every Second Count Speaker” is a transformational speaker, author, coach, youth mentor and walking miracle.  He is the host of “Make Every Second Count” Live Show, hosted weekly on Facebook and YouTube. At the age of 17, he almost met the eternal stop sign while waiting to turn at a green light.  He was told he would never walk again, but after 18 years of recovery, Jeff is not only walking but determined to run! After his near-death experience, Jeff wants everyone to Make Every Second Count! He now travels the world transforming lives so that others don’t have to hope for a second chance to truly live the life they have always wanted. 


The power of Jeff’s incredible story of resilience is the ultimate embodiment of what it means to make the impossible possible.  Jeff compels others to start living now, stop complaining and take nothing for granted!  His fight and courage are admirable and his positive energy is contagious!  Get ready to run out of the room with a different attitude about life!


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